Monday, November 5, 2012

Edweirdsville - Camp October for Awesome Kids

Yes, we're still going with this learning-teaching bit around here.  I continue to change up the style of my planning to make my life easier while keeping the system effective.  Since we were constantly rearranging things to fit in with the other things that come up around here, I decided to give the plan more flexibility.  The new plan(s) will be for the entire month and be broken down by week.  My goal is to complete each of the projects listed of course, but I'm focusing on the most important/pertinent ones and having some 'extra' ideas floating out there just in case we need something to fill in some time.  This lesson is for the month of October.  We are covering Fall themes such as:  leaves, migration, hibernation, food collection/storage, harvest, Halloween... We had a great time playing with all of our autumn ideas and we hope you do too!

Pre-K October
The October Board
Tree made from paper bag with construction paper 'leaves' for indoor fall leaf fun
(A) testing which leaves he can blow the farthest (hint: it helps if are curved toward the ground so that they can catch air).
We organized and reorganized leaves by colors, shapes, sizes... 
The little man exploring some cypress needles.
"Look mom, this one is red!"
Separating pine needles
This was a BIG hit with the toddler!  Make a leaf outline with glue on paper and have the kid crumble dry leaves over it.  He showed this picture off to EVERYONE, showing them how he crushed leaves to make it.
Show off.
Leaf print with finger paint (easy)
Not part of the lesson plan, but blowing dandelions is so fun.
Eating them is less fun.
On the lake, checking out the bird migrations
I failed at getting pictures of the pumpkin picking, but here is a small portion  of our fall vegetable garden.
My pirate trick-or-treating.
Cousin trick-or-treaters!
Eeewww!  Pumpkin guts!
Pumpkins are way more awesome once their guts have been extracted.

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